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Corporate History
We gaze at the future

Higashimoto Kikai Co., Ltd is founded in 1969 as a manufacturer for meat processing machinery at Ichibu Ikoma Nara Japan. In 1971, two years later of the foundation, our company was reorganized and Higashimoto Kikai Co., Ltd was born. The mainstream of meat processing machinery, mainly used for material processing for ham and sausage was imported from Europe and the United States such as Germany at that time. Only a few manufacturers were challenging the market.

We moved our factory from Ichibu town, Ikoma city to Kitatawara town. "Producing machines which can compete with overseas prestigious manufacturers." With this goal, we continued running to achieve the goal and we became a leading domestic food processing machine manufacture.

The new factory, estimated 30,000u, was built in 1991 at Yamazoe Nara. The area around the new factory was called "Yamato Plateau." For the founder, constructing the new factory and office surrounded by plenty of greenery was a desire in the history of a company. The new factory has latest machines and builds up consistent manufacturing capability from designing to after-sales service. On the other hand, we've actively tried to have technical cooperation with Germany and the United States. As a result, we build up the system that we can offer the total system planning with giving each strong point and We've developed all-round manufacturer of food processing machinery.

In 2000, based on the idea of the founder " thank you our globe," we stepped into the development, manufacturing and sales of environment-related machinery such as wind electricity equipment as a corporate activity to drive reducing the effects on the environment by using technical capabilities of our field and our latest machines.

In 2002, we acquired international standard on environmental management, ISO 14001. Based on the code and standard, we advance 5S activities and "visualization." We are still in activity.

In 2005, current president Shinya Okada took over from the founder, Tsuyoshi Higashimoto. We, Higashimoto Kikai Co., Ltd, have advance toward an even greater goal with our heart united as one together with the spirit of the founder.