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Environment Line
With the theme of our basic environmental idea " thank you our globe," Higashimoto Kikai Co., Ltd consider our corporate activities, productions such as food machinery/environmental equipments and our service as effects on environment. We pay close attention to producing load reducing typed machinery on environment to protect environment and resources. At the same time, we develop high productive corporate activity, realizing a new world in which we respect each other and love all nature with our heart united as one.

  1. Manufacturing and development for load reducing typed production on environment
  2. Promotion of environmental conservation activities
  3. Prevention of environmental pollution
  5. Implementation of environmental audit
  6. All-hands environmental conservation activities
  7. Open to the public

Manufacturing and development for load reducing typed production on environment

  1. We'll perform product assessment, make it practicable and develop creating technology to develop new energy conscious and resource and energy saving conscious products.
  2. We'll make it possible to get low environmental load products and materials. Also, we'll reduce our stocks.
  3. By completing the process of control, we make products speedy and utilize time effectively.
  4. We'll improve our profit ratio to perform scheduled " muda-zero activities."
    Stock control/Schedule control

Promotion of environmental conservation activities

We will continue improving the environmental management system and promote the achievement of our activities.

  1. We will implement the program of the environmental management system step by step to achieve our purpose and goal on environment.
  2. We will observe regulations and agreements on environment. When needed, we will settle self-management standard value.
  3. We will prevent the loss caused by machine break down by promoting the conservation activities for the machine tool according to the plan.

Prevention of environmental pollution

  1. We'll reduce the amount of emission of industrial oil and prevent water and ground pollution by conducting proper handling.
  2. We'll pay attention to use our company cars and transport our products effectively.


  1. We'll lift the usage rate of stainless and keep promoting recycle and reuse.
  2. We'll recycle spent resin, used paper, oil waste and liquor waste. Also, we'll reduce the usage of them by proper handling.

Implementation of environmental audit

We'll review environmental management system by conducting internal audit for environment and keep promoting the system.

All-hands environmental conservation activities

We'll make all employees take part in the environmental conservation activities by making them understand the importance of global environmental conservation and our environmental line through education on environment and cleaning on a premise.
Environmental day

Open to the public

We'll open our environmental line to the public, communicating with our customers and neighborhood. We'll make it possible to coexist with society.