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Overseas Network
Create world cuisine culture. No company produces all types of machines in our market. A few companies compete with one another. Among the manufacturers, Higashimoto Kikai has almost all processing machines. At times, we cross swords with many world competitors as equals and at other times, we've cooperated with each other to improve our skills. On the other hand, we gave away our small machine to meat laboratory in Ohio State University in the United States. We've contributed to raising international technical level.

We consider technical cooperation and communication with worldwide manufacturers, international view and information network as an important fortune.
These experiences and knowledge from Germany and Sweden have made it possible to produce our environmental-related equipment and welfare-related equipment.
World wide smoke house manufacturer located in the ham and sausage country, Germany. Both German traditional know-how and Japanese latest technologies make it possible to produce excellent smoke houses.


World wide manufacturer for ham and sausage processing machinery located in Chicago The United states. COZZINI invented "suspentec system," a system that injecting animal protein into meat materials. With COZZINI, we offer original systems suitable for Japan market.


COMBICUT, the headquarter is located in the UK, has been specializing in manufacturing cutting blades and plates for grinder in the food industry. gCombicut Knifeh with unique cutting edge and gCombicut Plateh completed with own technique make a fine combination and bring you good finishing of fresh and even frozen foods. You will be satisfied with your products.