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Meat Tenderizer images
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  • Make meat material nice and tender and improve salt absorption
  • Safety first; unable to access rotating blade while processing


Meat Tenderizerの寸法図 Meat Tenderizerの寸法図

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Number of blades A B C D Electric capacity (kW)
85 1400 756 900 750 1.5
167 1520 840 1070 1300 2.2
  • Stainless steel(SUS304)
  • Processing width : 600mm, 400mm
  • Safety feature : Emergency halt, Hopper safety switch, Full body cover inter lock, Cart for cleaning parts
  • compatible with Lift Boy🄬 (Sold separately)
  • Compatible with Massage tank🄬 (Sold separately)

All specifications can be changed to suit your needs. Please feel free to contact us!

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