KITTNER™ Trolley Clearning Unit

KITTNER™ Clearning Unit

  • KITTNER製ワゴン洗浄装置の写真
  • Equipped with a filter
  • Recirculating rinsing water to save water usage
  • Trolley can rotate so that it can be cleaned perfectly (Compatible with CE, EU, USDA)


Power supply 200v / 50Hz
Voltage 24V DC
Power consumption 10 kW
Piping R1“AG : fresh water
Piping R1“AG : rinsing water
Drainage DN 50
Water pressure min. 3 bar - max. 6 bar
Throughput 30 per hour
Unit weight approx. 1000 kg
Main body dimension 3907 × 1832 × 2205 mm
Packaged dimension 2500 × 2000 × 2400 mm

All specifications can be changed to suit your needs. Please feel free to contact us!

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