Processing (YouTube)



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We visit your site and explain our product details.
You can also visit us to look, test our machines with actrual material. Please feel free to contact us.

Spec sheet

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Spec sheet is written in accordance with our contract agreements and your specification requirements.
You will be able to check the spec, let us know if anything has to change.


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We draw 3D blue print for the machine using CAD.

First stage

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We start manufacturing the parts.

Second stage

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Firing up our lathe. Machining key components.


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Installing electronics onto the main control.


FLOW image 08

Welding, polishing and machining process continues. Then start assembling the parts

Final assessment

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We check specs, dimension and function of our machine.


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Shipping process begins.Some of our machines exceeds the weight of 5 t. Loading them into truck takes extreme caution.


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Out our doors!